Duracell AAA 850mAh Rechargeable Batteries (Pack of 4)


Duracell AAA 850mAh Rechargeable Batteries (Pack of 4)

Duracell AA Rechargeable Ultra

In a life full of energy you don’t want to be stopped. That’s why you use rechargeable batteries that quickly recharge themselves, you and your devices. But what if a simple recharge is not enough for your energy needs? What if you want the best performance from your high-drain devices like a digital camera or a wireless game controller? For those needs there are Duracell Recharge Ultra batteries – Duracell’s most powerful rechargeable battery*. They last 80% longer** and Duracell’s Duralock technology prevents them from losing power, so your batteries stay charged for up to 1 year (when not in use) and they last for 5 years, guaranteed***. Additionally, Duracell Recharge Ultra batteries are sold pre-charged so you can relax and power your devices right away. Powerful, isn’t it?

* In AA format, per charge based on same discharge rate.

** Vs. Duracell Rechargeable Plus within the first 250 cycles.

*** Guaranteed to last for 5 years or 300 recharges, whichever comes first.

Lasting 80% longer per charge*

Long lasting power, charge after charge

Duracell Recharge Ultra is combining high capacity with Duralock technology that lasts up to 5 years, guaranteed**.

More layer in Duracell’s electrode

Duracell’s electrode is designed to deliver long-lasting power by fitting more layer within the rechargeable battery.

25 hours in a wireless game controller

Duracell Recharge Ultra AA will last 25 hours in a wireless game controller***.

Sold pre-charged

Your Duracell Rechargeable Batteries will be ready to use when you open the package.

Key Points:

  • Size = AAA
  • Capacity = 850mAh
  • Life = minimum 300 Cycles Guaranteed